Top 10 Best : Actresses Who Grew Up in Show Business : Part One

In my previous Top 10 Best article , I warned the readers that I was leaving out some details about the actresses that were being discussed. I refrain from mentioning when they were born or perhaps died because I don’t wish to take the sparkle out of the magic of film making. Movies promote the illusion of eternal beauty and in that spirit you must suspend your disbelief and pretend the actresses mentioned remain exactly as the day when they first appeared.

Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen was born in Beverly Hills and owes her good looks to her mother, Frances, who was a professional model. It was her famous father, Edgar Bergen, who introduced her to show business at an early age. Edgar was a huge star on radio and television with his wooden puppet, Charlie McCarthy. Candy was often annoyed to be considered the younger sister of the ventriloquist dummy.
Candace made a big splash in 1966 in ” The Sand Pebbles” with Steve McQueen. Her reputation as a jet setting party girl was second, perhaps, only to Brigette Bardot, with whom she shares a love for all things French.
Through the years, Candace made many high profile movies, but she has never won an Oscar. She did garner her share of Golden Globes and Emmy Awards. She appeared in several television series, including the hugely popular, “Murphy Brown” and “Boston Commons.” She even had a career in commercials as the Sprint Telephone, “Dime Lady.”
Ms. Bergen has been and still is considered to be one of the great beauties of Hollywood.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is another princess from Beverly Hills royalty. Her dad was Eddie Fisher, a crooner in the style of Sinatra and Bobby Darin. Her mother is the force of nature known as Debbie Reynolds. Be sure to see her show in Las Vegas. When George Lucas needed a young actress to play the ruler of her own planet, guess who got picked? Anyone who says this generously proportioned writer was never a sex symbol must be reminded to see “Return of the Jedi.” That might have been the peak of her movie career, but Carrie remains in demand as a script doctor and had a bestseller or two. Judging from her interviews, she’s got a million stories to tell..

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is another California girl from Santa Monica. Her father, Tony Curtis, was a generous slice of Hollywood ham, most famously from the movie, “Some Like It Hot.”
Her mother was the elegant Janet Leigh of the cult classic, “Psycho”
That Hitchcock thriller seeped into Jamie Lee’s career like the leakage from a body wrapped in a shower curtain until she became known as the “Scream Queen.”
She had a breakthrough in comedy with “Trading Places” and the quirky “A Fish called Wanda.” After that, anything was possible. She even buried rumors about her ambivalent sexuality with her striptease in “True Lies” It became clear that no one was safe with her in the room. Famous for flaunting her natural assets and grey hair, Jamie is a familiar face on television, pitching yogurt and colonic platitudes while smiling a grin like the Joker.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore comes from a long line of actors and actresses. The names of Lionel, Ethel, and John as well as John Drew, are part of the American mythology. Her grandfather was a member of the infamous Hellfire Club of Hollywood. When he died, his drinking buddies stole his body from the coffin to prop him up at a desk in order to scare the hell out of his best friend. Small wonder that poor Drew might have had problems at an early age.Her modeling career began at one and she became an international superstar at five years old in “E.T.”
Drew has posed for Playboy and cavorted on the desk of David Letterman. Somehow she keeps it together these days with her highly successful production company. Drew just gets better all the time and one has the feeling that her best is still ahead.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster was the model for the little girl getting her bathing suit pulled down by the dog in the Coppertone advertising. From this start as a 3 year old tease, she then starred as a 13 year old prostitute in ” Taxi Driver.” She went on to win several Oscars as the profoundly disturbing rape victim in “The Accused ” and again in “Silence of the Lambs.” Even when she was trying to lead a normal life going to college, a would be assassin gave her credit for the inspiration to try to kill President Reagan.
Jodie managed to transition into a producer and director and lightened up her screen image in the western comedy,”Maverick.” and the colorful, “Anna and the King.”
Ms. Foster is still in demand as an actress and also stays busy developing new projects for her company.

That’s the first 5 of the Top 10 Best : Actresses Who Grew up in Show Business. Stay tuned for Part Two , coming soon..

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