The Top Ten Movies of 2006

As we look back on 2006 and the movie industry, the top ten movies of 2006 are no big surprise. This list is based on the box office numbers of course and the money made by the films.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Coming in as the number one of top ten movies of 2006 is Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with Johnny Depp. This was a follow up to the first Pirates of the Caribbean by Disney, and no surprise with the cast, story line and special effects that Pirates came in as number one in the top ten movies of 2006.


Coming in as the second top ten movie of 2006 was Cars also by Disney. This was a fun and exciting animated movie that was very popular with children and families alike. This was truly one of my favorite movies of the year. How can you not love that little red car?

X-Men The last stand

The third of the top ten movies of 2006 is X3 by 20th Century Fox. The third of the X-Men action/fantasy movies starring Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry continued to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, as well as raking in revenue for 20th Century Fox.

The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code taken from the book by Dan Brown and starring Tom Hanks came in number four on the top ten list of movies for 2006. The film made by Columbia Pictures was a long awaited, mysterious, cryptic but exciting movie which generated milllions in revenue.

Superman Return


Superman Returns was a long awaited movie by all Superman fans. The Warner Brothers production was not a disappointment and will resurrect not only the memory of the previous Superman star Christopher Reeves, but will most likely resurrect the action figure and comic book sector of fans.

Ice Age 2

Ice Age 2 with Queen Latifah was a big hit for families and children alike. The animated film made by 20th Century Fox was just as popular as the original Ice Age, garnering even more fans, and great profits.

Over The Hedge

Over The Hedge, was number seven of the top ten movies of 2006 was a kooky but funny animated film starring Bruce Willis. Made by DreamWorks this animated film was super funny and unusual in character and script.

Talladega Nights

Talladega Nights starring Will Ferrell was number eight of the top ten movies of 2006 list. Made by Columbia Pictures, I doubt this winner was a surprise to any of the moviegoers or the studio. Will Ferrell is one of the comedic geniuses of our times and held true to form as Ricky Bobby.


Click by Sony Pictures came in as number nine on the top ten movie list of 2006. I loved Click. Don’t we all wish we could use a remote control to control our universe? As usual Adam Sandler was his adorable comedic, yet sometimes serious self keeping his audience entertained.

Mission Impossible 3

Mission Impossible 3 starring Tom Cruise, VIng Rhames and Michelle Monaghan as the newest Bond Woman, came in number ten on the top ten movies of 2006. Made by Paramount, and a follow up to the previous two Mission Impossible films, it was typical Tom Cruise action, with lots of lights, camera, actions and fast cars and beautiful women. I’m not an MI fan, though I do enjoy espionage but it was a decent movie. Maybe it was just the TomKat burn symdrome. It still raked in revenue for all involved.