Writers Strike Puts a Halt on the Production of Justice League of America

It looks like George Miller’s film adaptation of “Justice League of America” Finally the writer’s strikes does something good. I’m all for the film happening but not with a sub-par script.

George Miller has been desperate for the film to have a script re-write but with the Writer’s Strike going on that was an impossible task. As an amueter director I understand his need for a re-write. You don’t want to go in with something that’s a bit flawed.

Warner Bros. finally decided to put the Justice League on hold until a proper re-write can be done after the Writer Strike ends. Smart move on Warner Bros. part.

The Justice League is about a group of superheroes who have teamed together to save the world. The comic was originally created by Gardner Fox. The film would’ve included Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aqua man and The Green Lantern. Road Warrior director George Miller was at helm and the screenplay was written by Kieran Mulroney and Michelle Mulroney. Their script needed some work from Day One and a re-write was needed but with the Writer’s Strike happening that wasn’t going to happen.

I personally never heard of this writing duo before but I hope they did a good job bringing the heroes to the screen.

The production delay has caused the options to lapse to actors D.J. Cotrona, Adam Brody, Anton Yelchin, Common, Teresa Palmer and Megan Gale. The actors would have played The Justice League and one of the main villains. Brody would have played The Flash, Common would have played The Green Lantern, Teresa Palmer would have played Talia al Ghul and Megan Gale would have played Wonder Woman. It’s unknown who Controna and Yelchin would have played but it’s been rumored that unknown Armie Hammer Jr. would have played Batman.

Brody, Common and Gale seem like good choices to me but the rest look too young to play the roles.

Weta Workshop was in charge of making the costumes for the film but it is unknown if they will stay on the film. It’s also unknown if they would have worked on the Visual FX, too.

I have a feeling Peter Jackson’s FX company won’t stay on the film but I hope they do. Even though the Lord of the Rings film were horrible (to me anyways) they sure looked good in the FX department.

The production will have to wait until June but if the writers strike continues beyond that the production will be delayed even further. Some rumors had where the film would continue with the current script, which Miller was upset at. This was thankfully untrue.

The release date was scheduled for Summer 2009 but with the production delay it might be pushed to 2010. Filming will take place in Australia. 2010 would make it the 50th Anniversity of the Justice League so good move if so.

The Superman Returns sequel has also been put on halt with Bryan Singer not possibly returning as director. The original screenwriters are also not returning.

I want this film to happen so I’m glad it’s being halted until a proper re-write of the script can be done. I want to see this film done right and with George Miller in charge so far so good. Let’s hope for the best!