Resident Evil Degenration Review

Story: B

Direction: A

Animation: A

Overall: A

Release Date: October 30, 2008

Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Capcom Company

Director: Makoto Kamiya

Genre: Horror

I have always been a fan of Resident Evil series by Capcom and have played all the games that were released on PC; and I was a little disappointed after watching the three live action movies based on the RE series. But this one lives upto the name of the game.

The movie kicks off after the destruction of Raccoon city and the downfall of Umbrella Corporation; with Claire Redfield who now works with Terasafe an organization that helps terror victims effected by viral outbreaks. She arrives at the Harvardville airport, where WilPharma, pharmaceutical company has just opened a research center. Protesters hold a stand up against the opening of this center at the airport as the Senator of WilPharma is to arrive.

Suddenly all hell breaks loose as a zombie outbreak starts off at the airport, and an airplane full of zombies crashes into the terminal to add on to it. The airport is quarantined, and SRT (Special Response Team) officials are sent on the spot along with scientists, Leon S. Kennedy is sent to handle the mess at the airport by US authorities (We have seen Claire and Leon together in RE2 the game already, haven’t we). Claire leaves a message on 911 that she is locked up into the VIP area of the airport along with the Senator and a few survivors. Leon, Agent Greg and Agent Angela from the SRT set out on a rescue mission.

After kicking some zombie ass they reach the survivors and try to get out of the airport shooting zombie minds off their bodies. Agent Greg gets infected with the T-virus and is left behind the rest escape alive. Once out Claire notices WilPharama trucks coming into the airport premises, these trucks contain drugs by WilPharma. But Someone blows them up and then it is revealed that the trucks contained the T-virus antiserum developed by WilPharma. The Senator introduces Claire and Leon to his Head Researcher and from there on Claire sets out with the researcher towards the WilPharma center. On the other hand Angela gets suspicious about her brother Curtis who was a strong opposor to WilPharma and was also spotted by Claire at the airport; so she sets out to meet her with Leon.

Claire spots Curtis at the WilPharma center and is informed that a time bomb has been set at the center, after the blast all hell breaks loose. Leon and Angela reach the center as well, only to find that Curtis has infected himself with the G-virus (RE2 the game). What follows on after that is nerve wracking action and fight sequences with gore and violence, just what is expected out of a RE movie or game finally the good guys are able to finish off zombie Curtis and the movie ends with the bad guys getting nabbed and the evidence handed over to the authorities. But still it seems a sequel will be surely out as they show another Pharma company TriCell acquiring WilPharma.

All in all RE Degeneration is a must watch for all Resident Evil fans though peace loving and gore hating people should keep away from it. Though the movie has a few glitches due to CG animation, still this action packed flick is one thing you wouldn’t wanna miss.